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Four Choices to Sell Your Precious Metal Scrap to Us:
Visit Our Office, No Appointment Needed
2 Robert Speck Pkwy
Suite 750
Mississauga, ON L4Z 1H8
Request Your Insured and Traceable
SecurePack™ Envelope Now
OR Request Us to Email You the Prepaid Shipping Label (for Registered Customers)
This is Fastest, Most Secure and Traceable Way to ship your precious metals to ATOPMEX.
  We are providing you with prepaid envelope, label and tracking number. You simply put your precious metal scrap into envelope and mail it to us. As the business entity, we have special arrangements with FedEx and tracking the whole shipping process.
  If you need to speed up the shipping of your precious metals, we encourage you to register. Once, you become the registered customer, we simply email you the prepaid FedEx shipping label, and you mail your precious metals at your earliest convenience.
Ship Your Precious Metal(s) by Using the Carrier of Your Choice

You can pick up and use the carrier of your choice such as FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, USPS, DHL, etc.

Call or Email Us to Request or Make Any Other Shipping Arrangements

If you want to sell jewelry scrap, ATOPMEX can be your reliable partner. We are ready to help you convert your precious metals into real money!

There can be many cases in which you can decide to sell jewelry: it may be worn out, broken, or just out of fashion. Also, you may want to sell worn out coins or bars. Whatever the case, gold is still gold: we are ready to buy and refine any meltable precious metal scrap and sweeps.

Even if you plan to keep your money invested in precious metals, it still makes sense to sell silver or gold scrap and use the money obtained to purchase any of the coins, bars, and rounds available in our catalog: this way you will make your precious metals more liquid. You will be sure that you are gaining, not losing your money while keeping the metal at home.

Unlike many pawn shops and small dealers, we take care of our reputation. Each time you deal with us, you’ll get an honest estimate and timely payment. The clients who sell gold to ATOPMEX get payouts up to 98% of their items’ price.

Choose ATOPMEX to sell gold scrap, and we will readily adapt to your preferences and requirements. There are many ways available for your to sell your precious metals – either in our office or remotely. Contact us right now if you need any additional information or clarifications.

Precious Metal Spot Prices:
Metal Bid Ask
Gold US $1,313.62 US $1,314.32
Silver US $16.32 US $16.36
Platinum US $947.00 US $951.00
Palladium US $992.00 US $997.00
Last updated : 3/17/2018 02:18:02 AM EST
24 Hour Market Charts:

- All Charts are in USD
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All SecurePack™ Envelopes are insured for $100 minimum

Precious metal shipping insurance is available up to $50,000 per parcel. Available only at ATOPMEX.

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