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1 oz 2011 Canadian Wildlife Ser. Timberwolf - 1st of 6th $5 Silver Coin 9999

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Looking for some attractive silver coins for your portfolio? It’s worth looking at the Canadian ones. Thanks to their 99.99 percent purity and impressive array of designs, Canadian silver coins enjoy high popularity worldwide.

The Canadian silver coins are manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), a Crown Corporation 100% owned by the Canadian government. It has been minting circulation coins since 1908, and bullion coins since 1988.

Canadian silver coins are known for their high purity, recognizability, and wide variety of designs and sizes available. Each year RCM mints special edition coins, which are admired by collectors and bullion investors alike. As a rule, these special edition silver coin series celebrate the country’s rich national heritage, which includes wildlife, landmarks, and prominent historical figures.

ATOPMEX offers the most popular Canadian silver coins in brilliant uncirculated condition. As a rule, they come in their original mint packaging, protected by special plastic cases.

ATOPMEX will gladly help you enrich your portfolio or collection with Canadian silver coins. Take your time, browse our catalog, and contact us when something catches your eye!