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5 gram (0.161 oz) Pamp Suisse Fortuna Platinum Bar 9995

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ATOPMEX is glad to offer you a selection of platinum bars from widely known manufacturers – PAMP Suisse (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux) and Scotiabank (Valcambi Suisse). As the names suggest, both manufacturers have their headquarters in Switzerland, a land renowned for dealing with money and wealth.

Typically, platinum bars are manufactured in smaller sizes, such as 1 oz or even 5 gr (0.161 oz). However, we also offer a 10 oz bar, which is the best choice if you have a sufficient amount of money: the larger piece you order, the lesser is the premium you are going to pay over the spot price of platinum.

All the platinum bars we sell are of .9995 purity. Most of the time, their designs are quite simplistic. Instead of the numerous decorations that are common for coins, here you will usually find a logo and brief information of the bar’s weight and purity. Still, many people agree that they are quite stylish and sternly beautiful. The bars are protected from mechanical damage and influence of the environment by protective packaging, with their individual assay. This is also how they should be stored.

If you have any inquiries concerning platinum bars, feel free to contact ATOPMEX now.