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10 oz Pamp Suisse Fortuna Palladium Bar 9995

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If you are looking for an unconventional and promising investment object, you’ve just found one. Over the recent years the investment demand for Palladium, this shining radiant white precious metal, has grown considerably; buying it now you have good chances of getting profits. At the same time, bars are the most traditional and cost-effective way to invest into precious metals, which ensures the lowest price per unit of weight. Even though some palladium bars are beautifully designed, your money goes primarily to their metal content.

The choice of palladium bars on the market has never been as rich as that of gold or silver ones. However, ATOPMEX made sure that you have something to choose from. We offer several palladium bars of .9995 purity, produced by the well-known brands – PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse. These brands can be seen as international symbols of top-notch quality in the world of precious metals. The sizes, again, are not numerous – you can choose between 1 oz and 10 oz.

All the bars you can see in our catalog are brand new, shipped in safe packaging, with their personal serial numbers proving the bars’ authenticity. In case you are contemplating buying some bars for your portfolio, feel free to contact us and discuss the details.