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1 oz Scotiabank (Valcambi) Gold Round 9999

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For those of you who are willing to use capacity of gold to store purchasing power regardless of market fluctuations and paper money value, Atopmex offers gold rounds, which are a perfect alternative to the more expensive gold bullion coins issued by the official government mints of the world.

In essence, gold rounds are very similar to coins. The main difference is that they do not have face value, that is, they don’t have any amount in dollars (or other currency) carved on them; they are not intended to circulate as legal coinage. Another difference is that they are minted by non-governmental organizations and institutions, such as Scotiabank. Both of these differences make them cheaper than many bullion coins of the same size.

As a rule, gold rounds are not as collectible as coins, so usually their value does not increase much beyond the price of the metal they are made from. The total price of a gold bar is mostly its spot value (also known as melt value), plus a little premium.Nevertheless, they do get more expensive as the prices for gold increase. Besides, this is exactly what makes gold rounds a great tool for anti-inflation purposes: thanks to the small premium, gold rounds easier to liquidate when you need to do so.