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20 gram (0.643 oz) Australian Perth Mint Gold Bar 9999

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Gold bars are pieces of refined gold of certain weight. For centuries they were popular around the world as a means of storing wealth. Thanks to Atopmex, you too can pick some and add them to your portfolio.

Gold bars are available in a number of sizes, from the classic one kilo piece to just one gram, which means even beginner investors can easily find a small enough item for their needs. However, if you have enough money, it makes sense to aim for a bigger piece: as a rule, the bigger the gold bar, the smaller the premium you pay per weight. This should come as no surprise: it takes less labor and money to produce a huge Gold Kilo Bar per gram when compared to a 1 gram gold bar. On the other hand, the smaller the gold bar, the easier it is to sell it to an ordinary middle-income person. Whatever is your choice, a gold bar almost always comes at a lower price than same weight in golden coins.

When buying gold bars from Atopmex, you can be sure that your item was minted by a trusted, well-known supplier. The hallmarks we deal with are widely recognized, so we won’t be the only ones willing to buy your bar when you need money. You will have no difficulty selling your gold bar anywhere in the world.

So take your time and choose a suitable gold bar to enhance your portfolio.