Gold Lunar Monkey: the Coin Prompted by the Stars

Gold-Lunar-Monkey-2016-ATOPMEXWhether you believe or do not believe in astrology, whether you are looking for a new purchase for your gold portfolio or for an original gift, ATOPMEX has an interesting offer for you. It’s a new and exciting gold coin from Down Under, the Gold Lunar Monkey Series II 2016.


This coin is a part of the famous Australian Lunar Year series, which has been around since 1996. The series is based on the Chinese zodiac calendar, each year displaying a different design based on one of the animals of its 12-year cycle.

Struck from 99.99% pure gold, these brilliant uncirculated coins are also a legal tender in Australia. The face value of a 1 oz coin is 100 AUD.

The mintage of the Gold Australian Monkeys of 2016 is extremely limited - in fact, only as many as 3,000 1oz coins are going to be issued. Other sizes are not much more numerous: the mint expects to issue 5,000 1/4 oz coins, 4,000 1/10 oz ones, and 1,500 three-coin sets.


According to the Chinese calendar, 2016 happens to be a year of the Monkey. Not surprisingly, you can find this animal on the reverse of the Australian Lunar Year coin – in a way, it is present here three times. First, you can see a depiction of a monkey sitting on a branch of a peach tree. Second, you can see a Chinese character, which stands for monkey. Third, you can read an inscription in English, which reads “Year of the Monkey”.

The obverse is quite traditional: it depicts Queen Elizabeth II as seen by the British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. The inscriptions around the portrait provide all the basic data connected with the coin: the precious metal content and purity, the year and country of origin, the face value, and the name of the Queen.

The coins are shipped in elegant protective packaging, with numbered certificates of authenticity.


Quite obviously, Gold Lunar Monkey coins make a great birthday gift for everyone who was born under the influence of this sign (the previous Monkey years include 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, and 2004). On a more serious note, the price of the Gold Monkey is defined by its pure .9999 gold content, and significant face value (100 Australian Dollars). Also, thanks to the changing design and quite small mintage, the coin can be of some interest for investors and collectors alike.

At ATOPMEX website you can purchase any number of the Gold Lunar Monkey coins easily, quickly, and safely. To do so, check out this coin in our catalog and place an order.

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Silver Buffalo Rounds: A Classy Way to Store Wealth

Silver-Buffalo-Rounds-ATOPMEXIn a sense, silver buyers can be imagined as 2 groups: those who pile up bars, and those who prefer the stories told by coins. In this article we will highlight the third alternative – the middle way, if you will – the 1 oz American Buffalo Silver Round 999. These rounds perfectly combine the cost-efficiency of silver investments offered by bars, and the magnificent design on a par with a real coin.

In fact, Silver Buffalo Rounds are designed after an actual US Mint coin from early 20th century, designed by James Earle Fraser and minted from 1913 to 1938 – the Buffalo Nickel (aka Indian Head Nickel). The word „Nickel” is there for a reason: back then it was a five-cent coin made of copper-nickel alloy. Sure enough, the modern-day .999 pure Silver Buffalo Rounds are much more expensive than that, even though they don’t carry any face value.

Let’s take a closer look at Silver Buffalo’s design. On the obverse you see a Native American and the word "LIBERTY" beside him. No one knows for sure who this man is; according to the author of the original Buffalo Nickel design, this was a general representation of a Native American. As for the Buffalo on the reverse, we can be more sure: this was Black Diamond, an American bison who lived at the Bronx Zoo. Actually, the main difference of the Silver Buffalo Round design from that of the Buffalo Nickel is the inscription on the reverse. It reads: „ONE TROY OUNCE. 999 FINE SILVER.” As for the size, 1 oz silver rounds are much bigger than the original nickels – almost twice as big in diameter, slightly thicker, and more than 5 times heavier.

You can buy any number of 1 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds, starting from just one piece. The individual rounds come in protective plastic flips, and could make a nice gift for the youngest investors in your family. If you consider these rounds as a way to store value, you’ll be pleased to notice that the price offered by Atopmex becomes even more affordable the more pieces you buy. For pro investors, we offer the Monster Box – a durable plastic box containing 500 1 oz rounds, very comfortable for safe storage and transportation.

If you are our regular customer, you already know that buying from Atopmex is quick, easy, and safe. If you are new – welcome aboard! We are sure you will be pleased to have chosen us.

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The Purchasing Power of Gold: A History of Stability

Power-Of-GoldSince time immemorial, gold has been a standard tool for creation, exchange, and storage of wealth. Nowadays, when there are many other alternatives available, potential long-term gold investors naturally want to compare gold with other financial tools and see if it is still effective under modern conditions.

From a historical perspective, the buying power of gold was influenced by its changeable relationship with the world’s currencies. In the 19th century gold was a universally recognized economic standard. The European nations and the United States could only print as much money as was backed by their gold reserves. By the end of World War I, the US was the only country adhering to that standard. However, since 1971, when this last citadel of the gold standard decided to follow the crowd, the value of gold is not directly tied to currency.

Since then, the charts representing the changes of gold spot prices over time are quite popular. However, you have to keep in mind that those charts – with gold prices in US dollars or any other currency – are not enough to get the full picture. One US dollar today and 50 years ago are two different things!

An age-old tool is comparing the gold price at any given time with the price of some ‘real life’ commodity, product, or service. This way the value of gold becomes more tangible, easier to imagine and understand for a lay person. Apart from illustrating the point, this can be quite entertaining, too.  For instance, depending on your tastes, an ounce of gold can buy you over 250 McDonald’s Big Macs (or even more if you’re not in the US), or more than 175 cups of Starbucks’ Premium coffee, or up to 3000 cans of Coke! Alternatively, for the same piece of gold, you can get a dozen of tickets to Disney World, or skydive with several friends. Surely, the exact quantities can vary strongly depending on your country of residence. The prices of these items changed greatly over the years, too. This, however, is quite an exciting way to think about the power of gold, isn’t it?

A more classic example often used in this regard is a suit of clothes. Some researchers note that one ounce of gold has always been enough to buy a full set of men’s clothes: a suit, a shirt, a belt and a pair of shoes. Obviously, this example is a bit ambiguous, since many factors come into play (changing requirements for the suit quality, manufacturing methods, business practices, offer and demand factors, etc.). Anyhow, this lets us make a demonstrable conclusion: though gold had its ups and downs over the last 100 years, a one ounce coin has always been more than enough to buy a decent suit. This means that gold indeed managed to preserve its purchasing power.

For those with some background in finances, it can be interesting to compare the price of gold with less tangible things. We can compare, for instance, the gold index with Standard & Poor Index of 500 leading US companies. Interestingly, in this regard the buying power of gold has been relatively stable over the last 40 years.

To conclude, gold is a very particular kind of investment. On the one hand, it doesn’t promise huge immediate profits; it pays no interests or dividends. On the other hand, with gold you have nothing to worry about: you can be sure that your gold will retain its buying power even in the most difficult of times. It’s a reasonable choice for long-term storage of wealth, especially if you choose trusted retailers and buy products offered by world famous mints. Here at Atopmex we always make sure that our customers get the highest quality gold bullions for reasonable money.

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Buying Coins & Bars: the Tao of Choice

Buying-Coins-and-Bars-ATOPMEXSo, you are thinking of buying some precious metals? Congratulations! Many people don’t even get to this stage of proactive financial thinking – they totally miss out on this opportunity to store and increase their wealth. The ‘carpe diem’ motto works well only when things go your way; when the economic conditions are changing, having some kind of a financial safety cushion cannot be overestimated – and storing some gold or silver is a tried-and-true tool.

Surely, not all in life is milk and honey, and there are some common pitfalls awaiting beginner buyers. Before you actually buy anything, make sure that you’ve done your homework – learned how to spot a fake, how to store and protect your precious metals, and, most importantly, find a trustworthy supplier with reasonable prices and responsible customer service.

When the basic preparations are made, the problem of choice arises. Most online stores will at least try to surprise you with the variety of items available – and if you have already looked through our catalog, you’ll probably agree that ATOPMEX is successful in this respect. Though it is generally believed that variety is the spice of life, many beginners secretly wish to avoid making any choices – just like some people instinctively prefer TV over online streaming services.

We hope you’ll agree that choosing a suitable coin or bar to buy is one of those important choices which deserve some analysis and conscious effort. Besides, if you take a closer look, this choice is not even as difficult as it may seem: after some obvious considerations, the choice usually narrows down to a much smaller subset of items.

To make the task easier and consciously limit the options, consider the following:

  1. Your budget. Before you start, try to estimate how much you are willing to spend. Though this amount can change in the process, having at least the general idea of it can be quite helpful. For instance, if your amount is below the price of a 1-kilo gold coin, you will save your time by simply skipping those big coins altogether.
  2. Your goals. There are several possibilities here. If you hope for some additional profitability (and are ready for additional risks), look for coins with collectible value. If not, bullions are your way to go. Another thing to consider is when and how much you are planning to sell. If you are a long-term planner, it makes sense to look for a big bar. On the contrary, if you appreciate freedom and want to be able to easily sell a portion of your riches when times get tough, then settle for smaller coins, bars, or rounds.
  3. Your preferences. Apart from practical considerations, like choosing between coins and bars, you can realize that you also have some seemingly irrational inclinations. And this is totally fine – you don’t have to spend your money on something you don’t like! For instance, for someone who is a strong Canadian patriot, looking through Chinese or European products can be a waste of time.

As you can see, the choice gets easier with each step of selection and elimination. And if you still cannot put your finger on just one perfect option, don’t worry – chances are, you can afford buying all of them. Alternatively, if you know that all the items in your chosen subset already fit your desired parameters (price, weight, form, manufacturer, etc.), you might as well pick any of them at random – and you will be sure you’ve made no mistake.

In case you have any questions while making your choice, ATOPMEX managers will do their best to help you and provide any additional information you need.

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The Noble Wildlife in Noble Metal: Australian Silver Coins 2016

Perth-Mint-Silver-Coins-2016Searching for something worthwhile to replenish your silver portfolio? ATOPMEX has got what you are looking for: Perth Mint silver coins 2016!Let’s spend some time with these exotic kookaburras, kangaroos, and koalas, and try to decipher the secrets of their undoubted success with precious metal investors and coin collectors worldwide.

Just as with any other successful coin series, the success achieved by these coins has to do with their reputable manufacturer. Indeed, Perth Mint, the oldest operating mint in Australia, is in business since 1899, and thus had enough time to earn itself a name in the industry. Its experience with collectible bullion coins is quite impressive, too – Perth Mint has been producing them since 1987. The mint’s high standards and refined manufacturing methods make it very easy to tell a real coin from a counterfeit.

Another reason to buy a Perth Mint Silver Coin 2016 is the precious metal content. Indeed, one doesn’t have to be a coin savvy to understand that silver will retain its value even if – and especially when – the economic situation is unstable and inflation levels are out of control. A quick glance at these coins in our catalog will reveal that all of them are made of 99,9% pure silver, which is a very high purity standard. What’s also important, Perth Mint Silver Coins 2016 are available in several standard sizes, from 1 oz to 1 kg, which makes it easy to allocate any amount of investment by buying a certain number of coins of the size of your preference.

Finally, let’s look at the coins’ designs. As a country, Australia is proud of its unique animals, the species that are not represented in the wildlife of other continents. Naturally, the Australians will not think twice to use their county’s rich wildlife as a theme for their silver coin series – and the 2016 silver coins continue this trend.

One of the animals you’ll see on the reverse sides of the coins is kookaburra, the world’s largest kingfisher bird, also famous for its laughter-like calls. The kookaburra design marks the Perth Mint’s longest-running bullion coin program, which has been running since 1990.

Another unique species we can meet here is the Australian koala, a cute fluffy tailless marsupial. Though the koala coin series is younger than the kookaburras – it’s been around since 2007 – these coins managed to gain popularity rather quickly.

Last but not least, our brief intro to the Australia’s fauna includes its most famous marsupial, the kangaroo – a group of species that has been capturing imagination of European travelers and settlers for centuries. There is probably no other creature that would be more Australian – and this only adds to the coins’ popularity.

While being continuations of their respective series, Perth Mint 2016 Silver Coins come with unique designs and new security features, which make them potentially attractive for collectors. Make sure you grab some now, at affordable prices; ATOPMEX will readily help you.

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RCM Gold Coins: Are They a Reasonable Choice?

buy-Royal-Canadian-Mint-gold-coinsRCM Gold Coins: Are They a Reasonable Choice?


No matter what kind of purchase you are up to, there always are rational and emotional reasons at play; buying gold coins is not an exception. If you want to be satisfied with your purchase in the long run, make sure that your gut and your brain agree on the decision. For many of our customers, this was true when they decided to buy Royal Canadian Mint gold coins. If you are contemplating to become one of them and make some of those coins a part of your portfolio, this article can help you consider the possible reasons in more detail.

Let’s begin with the rational side. To avoid regrets in the future, you need to be sure that you’ll be able to sell you coin any time, and that the price will not go down. Just like with any investment activity, some risks are always there; however, if you decide to buy Royal Canadian Mint gold coins, your chances to lose are thin. Here is why:

  • High purity gold. Thanks to its cutting edge refinery and assay facilities backed up with continuous R&D projects, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) can guarantee unmatched purity of the precious metals used coin manufacturing.Most Canadian gold coins are either .9999 or .999 pure (in fact, there was a special .99999 series in 2007-2009). If you buy Royal Canadian Mint gold coins, you don’t have to worry about the fate of dollar: whatever happens, gold will remain your tried and true tool for preserving value – especially in the times of economic distress.
  • Recognized and respectable manufacturer. Operating since 1908 and known by its current name since 1931, the Royal Canadian Mint is highly recognized among investors and collectors around the world. In fact, its high standards and international authority in the industry are best proven by over 70 other countries ordering their circulation coins from the RCM. In different years, these countries included Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Cuba, etc. When it comes for its own branded gold coins, both bullion and collectible, the RCM produces them with high diligence and attention to detail, eagerly implementing cutting edge innovations, such as multi-ply plating, colorized coins, and physical vapor deposition. The innovations help to make the coins’ beauty more long-lasting, protect buyers from counterfeits, and provide new opportunities for the coin designers.
  • Popular with investors and collectors. Renowned for their unmatched purity, many of the RCM’s coins have earned themselves worldwide fame. For instance, it is safe to say that the Gold Maple Leaf series is now one of most popular bullion coins in the world. If you buy Royal Canadian Mint gold coins from ATOPMEX, you can always sell it back to us or find many other willing buyers, both online and locally.

When it comes for the emotional side, the hearts of many coin lovers just cannot resist the noble beauty of these coins. Designed and minted in Canada, they depict its rich wildlife, historical and cultural milestones; in a broader sense, these coins carry the Canadian spirit, dignified and freedom-loving. No matter what your tastes or preferences are, you will surely find something for yourself in our catalog.

On a more prosaic note, you can buy Royal Canadian Mint gold coins in different weights,  starting from 1 ounce which makes them accessible even for beginner investors. And it is our job to look for good deals and offer you the RCM products at very reasonable prices.

In short, it’s you who decides what to buy; it’s our experts who can answer your questions and process your order.

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The Anatomy of Gold Price per Ounce

Gold price per ounceWhen shopping for gold items on Atopmex or other websites, you have probably paid attention to the little sidebar «Precious metal spot prices», which contains, among others, gold price per ounce. For the uninitiated, these numbers do not mean much. In this article we will look into the ‘anatomy’ of gold’s price – you will see how this price is formed, what can influence it, and why it is important for your gold investments.

Let’s begin with the basics. Ounce is an ancient unit of mass that originated in the Roman Empire and is currently used around the world to measure weights of precious metals. Though there are several different variations of ounce, gold price per ounce usually refers to the price of one British Imperial troy ounce (roughly 0.0311 kg) of raw, unfabricated gold without markup.

You might ask, why it is important to understand and track price of gold per ounce. It is quite obvious: if you buy or sell a gold bullion coin, its price is defined primarily by the price of gold rather than the face value of the coin. Therefore, this price directly impacts your pocket. Moreover, if you could accurately predict changes of gold price per ounce, getting rich would be a walk in the park: you would just buy gold when its spot price is lowest, and sell it when it is highest. Easy, right?

However, even those who claim to be professionals and experts in the field, often fail quite significantly when predicting gold prices. Why? Because there are numerous factors at play here: production, demand (both in jewelry and other fields), economic downturns, inflation expectations, and central bank reserves. Many of these factors are quite complex and unpredictalbe in and of themselves. Let’s consider some of them.

As a traditional way of storing wealth, gold is owned in big quantities by many countries around the world. Countries are usually the biggest buyers, and they can become the biggest sellers, too – if they decide to sell their gold reserves. Obviously, if they decide to sell a lot, price of gold per ounce can temporarily go down. So, keeping an eye on what countries are doing with their gold is necessary to know what will happen in the price.

Apart from countries, there are many other buyers and sellers of gold. They are: individuals, collectors, numismats. Under normal conditions, the influence of this group is rather insignificant. However, if thousands of people are selling or buying gold simultaneously, and the trend continues for weeks or months, their influence becomes significant. Usually, people tend to buy more gold when the inflation expectations are high, and buy less if more profitable investment opportunities become readily available.

Other than for storing wealth, gold is also used as a raw material for manufacture – and that's another pretty large market that can have significant influence on the price. We don’t mean only jewelry here: thanks to its physical and chemical properties, gold is widely used in industry and technology. In fact, the electronic gadget you're using to read this most probably has some gold in it. This is why major changes in technology and consumer behavior can impact gold prices, too.

As you can see, there many factors that can influence gold price per ounce – and we barely scratched the surface here. It’s very difficult to track all off them, and you don’t have to. However, it makes sense to look at the charts from time to time to make informed buying decisions. This is why, for your convenience, Atopmex always displays the current spot prices of gold on its website.

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4 Crucial Questions for Smart Gold Investments

4 Crucial Questions for Smart Gold Investments

As the economy gets unstable and inflation tends to spiral out of control, everyone – from savvy investors to beginners without much experience – start looking for additional ways to build and protect their wealth. And since precious metals are an obvious and well-established alternative to the modern currencies, they naturally gain more attention in the times affected by financial crises.

If you are reading this, you probably have a hunch that investing into gold is a way to go. That’s a good start; however, to ensure success, let’s set emotions aside and briefly analyze the main aspects of this kind of investments.

  1. Is gold a safe kind of investment?

    Yes, in general it is. Unlike the majority of capital assets, gold is the only primary asset that’s not dependent on another's ability to pay, like stocks or bank savings. No matter what the current political or economical situation is, your gold will still be in demand. Not only does it hold its value – under normal conditions, it gradually becomes more expensive. For this reason, buy-and-hold strategy usually yields good results; in fact, many consultants advise to keep at least 10 percent of one’s portfolio in gold – and call it wealth insurance.

    However, just as is it is the case with any other highly expensive items, you have to be aware of the two common dangers: frauds and thieves.  To avoid the former, buy gold only from reputable dealers with good track record. To prevent the latter, keep the amount and location of the gold you own in secret; it is also advisable to use a safety deposit box at a private depository or a bank.

  2. How much to invest?

    Regardless of how attractive the spot prices may look at the moment, it makes sense to maintain a balanced portfolio. In practice, this means the percentage of your assets invested in gold should fall somewhere between 10% to 30%, depending on how confident you are about the current state of economy. The more you invest in one type of assets, the harder it is to stay balanced and avoid emotional decisions.

  3. When is the best time to buy gold?

    If you have some experience with other traditional investment tools, you probably expect some “buy low sell high” tactics. Indeed, there are investors trying to profit on short-time fluctuations of the spot price of gold. However, this is a game of skill – and a rare skill at that. Only most advanced traders can consistently profit on short-time deals. For most people, it’s the long-term trend in gold that matters.

    Though prices do go up and down, normally there are no particularly good or bad times to buy precious metals. If you are going to keep your gold for a longer period, you can buy it any time. Some investors choose to spend a monthly share of their budget on gold, so that their accidental losses caused by short time price fluctuations are cancelled out by accidental gains of the same kind.

  4. What kinds of gold would be a good choice?

    The general rule of thumb is simple: buy the items that will be easy to sell. A rare or exotic coin can promise good returns and thus be an alluring option; however, finding a willing buyer for such an item can take time and effort. On the contrary, products with lower over spot premium – such as bullion coins, bars, and rounds – are mainly used to stored value and can be sold without much effort at any time. In general, it is advised to have a diversified portfolio of coins minted by major countries and bars or rounds of well-established brands. Check out the extensive ATOPMEX catalog, compare the prices, and consult our specialists if necessary.

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Silver Investing: the Two Ways to Success

With the development of markets in the recent decades, new ways of investment became available to the general public. Even beginner investors can now enter the silver market, adding some bullion and collectible silver coins to their portfolios. Let’s discuss these approaches; we will not be surprised if you choose to combine the two, as many experienced investors do.

Silver Bullion Coins

The word ‘bullion’ in the name of a precious metal coin means that it is valued primarily by its weight, with rather low premium-over-spot. This also means that their prices are generally more accessible than those of collectible coins, which makes bullion coins affordable even for beginner precious metal investors.

Silver American Eagle Coin AtopmexThe two most popular of such coins are the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf and the Silver American Eagle – both available in the ATOPMEX catalog. As you can see at the first glance, both coins are quite attractive and respectable, since they represent the two biggest Northern American countries, and their minting is controlled and guaranteed by these countries’ governments.

2015 Silver Canadian Maple leaf Coin ATOPMEXThese coins are highly recognizable around the globe, and you will have no difficulty selling them. As these coins are minted and sold each year in millions, their prices closely correlate with the spot price of silver.


Silver Collectible Coins

At the first glance, collectible coins may look like any other coins. However, there’s more to them than meets the eye. These coins are of higher interest to collectors, so you can expect to get much higher profits some day.

Just for an example, recall your last visit to a flea market. Though most prices are low, you are likely to be charged much higher for an old toy associated with some famous movie, comic book, cartoon, or show – say, a Superman statue. Why does this happen? Because many people collect such things, and they are ready to walk the extra mile (and pay the extra buck) to get one.

Silver Canadian Superman Comic Book ATOPMEXWhen it comes for coins, the same principle is at work, with the only difference of much higher prices. For instance, the Canadian Superman Comic Book Silver Coins don’t lack the charm of the famous comic book hero! However, rather than a piece of plastic, in this case you’re getting a real coin made of pure .999 or .9999 pure silver. And the prospects of earning real money on it are much more real, too.

2014 Australian Map-Shaped Koala Silver Coin ATOPMEXMeanwhile, the creative mints „from Down Under” attract investors with their beautiful multicolored map shaped coins. Though such a coin may be not the most convenient item to carry in your pocket, it is definitely a worthwhile choice for your precious metal portfolio.

As you can see, both ways of stacking your money in silver have their advantages. Depending on your strategy, you can choose either one or both. In any case, ATOPMEX specialists are ready to help you.

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Roaring Success Of Chinese Pandas

Gold and Silver Chinese Panda Coins ATOPMEXNo matter how experienced an investor you are – a seasoned savvy or just a beginner – Gold and Silver Chinese Panda Coins are a sure bet for you. These coins are very collectible; they are getting more popular with each coming year, and provide chance to reap profits in the future. In short, Chinese Pandas surely deserve a closer look.


 Gold and Silver Chinese Panda coins come from the People’s Republic of China. Gold coins of this series were first introduced in 1982, and silver ones followed in 1983. Since then, a new edition of the coin was minted each year.

 Although occasionally bigger sizes are also minted, the classic weight range for Gold Chinese Pandas is from 1/20 to 1 troy ounce, (1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz), corresponding to face values from 20 to 500 yuan; you can find all of these coins in the ATOPMEX catalog. When it comes for silver, the range of coins minted includes bigger sizes, from 1/4 oz to 1 kg, representing amounts from 3 to 300 yuan in face value; however, the most popular Silver Panda is 10 yuan 1 oz.

 Interestingly, since 2016 China Mint is going to stop using the old weight system (troy ounces), which is widely used by many bullion coin investors today. Instead, they are going to use metric system. Potentially, this creates another opportunity for you to earn: buy the troy ounce coins why they are still available, and sell a couple of years later, when they won’t be around any more.


 As the name suggests, the main and most recognizable designed element of this series is the so-called Giant Panda, the lovable black-and-white animal we all know from the WWF logo. This species is very endangered, with less than 1,900 Giant Pandas still alive in the wild, all of them in China. No wonder, this extremely cute animal that is increasingly used as the country’s modern emblem.

 Initially designers would come up with some changes annually, with each new edition of the coin; then, in 2001, China decided that the design should stay constant. Later, after numerous complaints from collectors, the variations were brought back.

 Despite the variations, the general idea of the coin’s design remains the same: there is a depiction of the Temple of Heaven on the coin’s obverse, and a portrait of one or several Giant Pandas in their natural environment on the reverse.


 Gold and Silver Chinese Pandas are official coins of PRC. Their weight and content are guaranteed by the country. Moreover, these coins – partly because their changeable design, and partly because of considerable variations of the number of coins minted each year – are highly collectible.

 ATOPMEX offers brilliant uncirculated Gold and Silver Panda Coins minted in the recent years. Not only are they a great investment – they can be a great gift as well. In fact, cheaper Chinese Pandas are often chosen as gifts for children and grandchildren.

 You are more than welcome to ask any questions you may have about Silver and Gold Chinese Panda Coins. Or maybe you have already made up your mind and want to buy? In either case, contact ATOPMEX today!

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