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Our vision is to offer a wide variety of bullion and numismatic products, extensive broker expertise, and fair pricing. We eager to make the exchange of precious metal products in any form,as easy as cash transaction in a grocery store. We are the company with five generations in the precious metals business with a broad international experience, located on two continents.

ATOPMEX is both, a full-range precious metal dealer company and a low overhead discount broker. We believe that low prices plus an extensive client education and support can exist hand-in-hand. We are proud to make an effort in educating our clients about precious metals buying and selling. We offer all kinds of precious metals in any form, bars, coins, and rounds, including U.S. and foreign gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

No order is too big or too small for us. We also offer domestic and foreign storage.

Creativity is everybody’s favorite word. At ATOPMEX, we offer solutions and services that go far beyond the ordinary coin dealer.  This is our philosophy. It is who we are.


Precious Metal Spot Prices:
Metal Bid Ask
Gold US $1,313.62 US $1,314.32
Silver US $16.32 US $16.36
Platinum US $947.00 US $951.00
Palladium US $992.00 US $997.00
Last updated : 3/17/2018 02:07:03 AM EST
24 Hour Market Charts:

- All Charts are in USD
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